uebersetzungsbueroBusiness meetings, court proceedings or visits to the doctor – we offer professional interpreters for every occasion. Our interpreters not only possess exceeding linguistic and technical qualifications but also professional experience. This helps them respond adequately to every situation and context.

Upon request, our translators are publicly appointed and sworn and thereby obliged to confidentiality and impartiality. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

For conferences, seminars and conventions we not only provide interpreters but also technical equipment (interpreting booth, headphones etc.). If requested, we are glad to advise you personally and provide you with an individual free quote.

Needless to say, our interpreters prepare themselves for your appointments. You are welcome to forward us any relevant information and documents beforehand.

If you have any further questions or special requests, we are glad to assist you personally.

Sworn interpreters

In court or at police stations, sworn interpreters are required. Our interpreters are publicly appointed and sworn and thereby obliged to confidentiality and impartiality. They are tried and tested in regard to their professional and personal skills and experienced in their field.

Simultaneous interpreting

During conferences, presentations and negotiations, a large number of participants have their say. Simultaneous interpreting and whisper interpreting are the solution. When interpreting simultaneously, the interpreter translates into another language with slight delays. If the interpreter is only addressing certain participants, this is called whisper interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting implies that larger sections of speech are translated into the target language. This kind of interpreting is especially useful during speeches, receptions and press conferences.

Liaison interpreters

During meetings, court proceedings or professional discussions, interpreters transfer single sentences or sections into the target language for the dialogue partners. Depending on the matter and duration of the occasion, several interpreters and consecutive or simultaneous interpreting might be required. We will be glad to advise you on this matter.